An innovative tool built on proven writing pedagogy to incorporate the power of feedback and revision to facilitate learning.
Watch Writing In Action

Better Writing Pedagogy

Research shows that emphasis on revision is associated with better writing performance. ScootPad's writing feature is designed to enable iterative revision and feedback.

Writing Assignments

Assign writing as simple as a daily journal or as complex as an expository essay. Assign to one student or multiple with just a few clicks and start the writing process with ease.

Revision and Feedback

Improve your student writing performance by providing feedback, annotating changes and requesting revisions. Reviewing student submissions and offering feedback to multiple students is quick and easy.

Custom Rubric

Assess and grade student writing using the pre-built rubric or create a custom rubric to meet your own expectations.

Insights and Data

Analyze your entire class's writing performance in a snap as well as pinpoint problem areas for each student across your own rubric.